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Equal Opportunity & Diversity Policy

Subject to statutory law, people will be judged solely on merit and ability during recruitment, selection, training, development and promotion throughout their employment.

A.M.I is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce. Our aim is that each employee feels respected and able to give their best.

It is the continuing policy of A.M.I provide equal opportunity employment to all employees without regard to:

Each employee of A.M.I has an obligation to promote an equal opportunity environment within the Company. As our employee, you have a duty to observe and apply this policy at all times. In particular you must not:

The Managing Director will, with the assistance and co-operation of senior management and employees, take steps to ensure compliance with this policy. This will include regular reviews of quality issues, monitoring activities and complaints. All employees of A.M.I will also receive adequate training on the correct operation of this policy.

To ensure effective operation of this policy and for no other purpose, A.M.I will keep a record of employee and job applicant sex, race, ethnic origin and disability information. From time to time it may seek the co-operation of employees in updating these records. Where necessary, employees will be able to check/correct their own record of these details. Otherwise, access to this information will be strictly restricted.

A.M.I aim to resolve any complaints in accordance with its grievance procedure. All complaints will be treated seriously and confidentially.  

Each employee has an obligation to promote an equal opportunity environment within the Company. As our employee, you have a duty to observe and apply this policy at all times. Violation of this policy is a serious offence and could result in disciplinary action and/or summary dismissal.

All employees whether full-time, part-time or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect.  This policy applies to all employment decisions, including those in connection with:

Violation of this policy is a serious offence and could result in disciplinary action and/or summary dismissal.

The management and staff at all levels of A.M.I Facility Management Ltd are committed to the care of the environment, the prevention of pollution and the maintenance of environmental controls as they relate to the business.

The organisation ensures that all its activities are carried out in conformance with the relevant environmental legislation, which includes the Environmental Protection Act 1990: Part 1 and other relevant legislation.

An essential feature of environmental management is a commitment to improving environmental performance and reducing the environmental impacts of travelling, energy usage, natural resources, waste generation and disposal. This is achieved by setting annual environmental improvement objectives and targets, which are regularly monitored and reviewed.

The objectives and targets are publicised and communicated to all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation. Hence all involved are expected to work towards their achievement within the principles of:

BPEO = Best Practical Environmental Option.

Our policy is therefore a collection of bullet points:

· To comply at all times with applicable legal or other relevant requirements

· To be environmentally aware and to operate in a manner that is environmentally responsible at all times

· To continually improve environmental performance in accordance with BATNEEC / BPEO principles

In order to ensure the achievement of the above commitments, the organization the Company are also considering the implementation of an Environmental Management system, based on the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004

This policy and the obligations and responsibilities required by Environmental Management have been communicated to all involved by way of presentation and training and by being permanently displayed on Company premises.   This policy is also available to the public / interested parties upon request. Consequently, it is important that ALL staff fully understands and attempts to comply with this policy at all times.   If anyone has any environmental concerns, at any time, they are requested to advise their Supervisor / Manager or the designated Environmental Management Representative [EMR] immediately.

Environmental Policy

Health & Safety

"To provide, ensure and maintain safe and healthy working conditions,

equipment and systems of work at all times".

For Contract work H&S starts at initial surveys, via comprehensive risk assessments. This is continued by supervision, individual awareness and audits. We are also pleased to integrate to existing Health & Safety arrangements of our Clients.

In house, i.e. the Administration Offices and Response Centre, Health & Safety is also driven by risk assessments, and monitored by supervision, safety inspections, individual awareness and audit.

We undertake to provide all of our staff with such information, training and supervision, as they need to support this. Employee consultation being integrated to this.

To this end, the Company will use best endeavours to address all relevant legislative requirements and ensure that Health & Safety is given the priority required.

Required specifics to ensure this will be integrated within the Company Quality System to ensure that involved arrangements are kept up to date and implemented effectively in practice.

Management will also monitor Health & Safety Compliance, and review the arrangements put in place for continued suitability at defined intervals.

The Health & Safety policy is to be :

Consequently, it is important that ALL staff fully understands and attempts to comply with this policy at all times.

Staff will be made aware of both their personal responsibilities and those of management.

Enforcement will be rigorously monitored.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of A.M.I. FACILITY MANAGEMENT LTD to set and at least meet

Customer expectations and service quality relating to our Contract preparation,

negotiation and training services.

Our aim to meet customer expectations with a cost-effective solution so that A.M.I.

Facility Management can sustain a reputation as a quality service/solutions company.

This means that:

1. We must be fully conversant with the latest legal requirements and solutions and

must endeavour to apply our expertise creatively and with initiative on the behalf

of our clients.

2. We must have an efficient and orderly approach to fulfilling the clients

requirements, including legal and regulatory requirements, identifying salient

issues early and ensuring timely delivery or service

3. We must be sure to communicate with our clients by taking a special and

continuing interest in their issues and keeping them regularly updated with the

progress of the projects.

4. We must provide the right organisation & resources and employ the right people

to ensure an effective operation and service.

5. We must identify and implement continuing improvement

A.M.I. Facility Management is committed to achieving continual quality service

improvement and cost effectiveness using a quality management system based upon

ISO 9001, which are laid out in the Quality Manual and A.M.I. Facility Management’s

Support Processes. This is further augmented by way of a bespoke CRM system, designed for our specific needs and service delivery.

The quality objectives and indicators will be documented in and

reviewed at Management Review Meeting. To achieve our goals it is vital that the

quality systems are understood, accepted and adhered to by everyone in the company

and as such it is part of our training programme for all levels within the organisation.

The implementation of the Quality System is mandatory, but its success can only be

achieved by the participation and commitment of everyone. Each employee will receive

full support to ensure the Quality System is understood, implemented and maintained


The QA system functions will be maintained and improved through monitoring, audit

and review.

“ ..Our policies remain at the heart of our organisation. All company policies are reviewed and authorised by our Managing Director ..”